I’m still telemarketing for my clients during the lockdown.

However, I’ve clearly needed to adapt and change how I approach my calls.

Here are my top 3 tips to help you get on that phone:

1. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. If you think you can carry on introducing yourself in the same way as before, you’re deluding yourself. Acknowledge it. Start with this: “Hi, I’m X from X, you’re probably working remotely too, I’m calling for X, are you working in the office and able to transfer calls or working from home?” An immediate ice breaker, it allows you to determine a number of things, and, if they’re not able to transfer you, you’ll usually get a direct email.

2. This is the time to dig deep and understand them and how this is affecting them personally too. You can then match the things that are affecting them right now with your service/product. Save the knobs and whistles (features/benefits) for another time. Fulfill their immediate need and you’ll sell now.

3. Don’t give up. In normal times, it can take lots of ‘touches’ (calls/emails). These are not normal times, don’t be discouraged and keep going.