How do we help you?

Ahead4business consults, advises and supports businesses, large and small, with their sales and business growth ambitions.

Our services include:

  • Long term lead generation and telemarketing partnerships
  • Campaign and mailer follow ups and Event & Webinar support
  • Making and setting appointments for you and/or your sales teams
  • Research and customer satisfaction projects.

Our clear, practical and logical process combined with a friendly, open and professional approach to delivering consistent results is why clients stay with Ahead4business.

It’s also why most of our business has grown through recommendation.

Your Sales Tool Kit

Before any project begins, you need systems in place that ensure you get the best results out of any telemarketing campaign or survey, now and for the future. We call this Your Sales Tool Kit – a ‘Sales Process in a Box’.

Your Sales Tool Kit has a one-time fee*, payable in advance of the project commencing, and includes:
  • Call Script Outline – this is key to ensuring the right questions are asked, objections are handled and the benefits of working with your business are clear.
  • The Weekly Report – Monitoring and measuring KPI’s is vital to assess the success of a campaign or marketing approach.
  • Sample Database and qualifications process – We can work with your CRM or a spreadsheet and have a simple-to-follow qualifications process enabling all leads to be nurtured in your sales pipeline.
  • Sample proactive and reactive emails – easy to adapt for your business and saving you time
  • Sample LinkedIn connect messages and process

*The fee is subject to VAT, is non-refundable, is per business, applies just once, and then covers all future projects and campaigns for that business

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Your FREE Sales Reality Check

To get the best out of the Sales Tool Kit, we need to understand where you are now and where you want to get your business to. Our free business assessment tool takes just a few minutes to complete and will give you a sales strategy for your business and an Ahead4business action plan to deliver it.

When we know your goals, your challenges and your current situation, Ahead4business can help:
  • Identify the gaps in the sales strategy, process, team or your own approach
  • Provide you with recommendations and a plan of action Ahead4business then work with you to deliver

If you want help right now with growing your business, click below:

Your Sales Reality Check

What B2B services do we provide?

Telemarketing & Cold Calling

Using the phone, when done well, is the quickest way to get straight to the decision maker, build trust, build relationships and build your business.

Lead generation and appointment setting

Let us do the leg work for you by filling your sales pipeline with warm opportunities and meetings with decision makers.

List Building, Database Cleansing and Research

List building pays for itself very quickly. We can put together a list of the decision makers with email addresses at the types of businesses you really want to work with ensuring they are GDPR compliant and TPS/CTPS checked.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Mystery Shopper

We work with you to identify who you want to survey, why you want to survey them, what you want to know and what you will then do with the results.

The Getting Ahead Programme

Your business must continue to communicate with other businesses or it won’t stay in business: do you need to adapt your business communication strategy?

Sales, Phone Skills, Telemarketing & Recruitment Training

Your Sales Partners is our sales, telemarketing and recruitment training business, providing online, virtual, 1:1 and group tailored workshops.