If a business approaches me for telemarketing and lead generation work, but they’re telling me that the last time they used telemarketing it didn’t go well; I have to dig deeper.

Was it that they weren’t getting meetings or leads for them?


Was is that when they got meetings or leads they didn’t produce business?

The thing is, I know what great telemarketers we are. However, you can pass as many ‘hot leads’ through as you like, if the sales process that’s in place with your client is broken or not working; those leads will go cold. And guess what? they’ll be turning around and saying ‘my old telemarketers were rubbish’….to the next one.

My first reaction is to ask some targeted questions (I call it my Sales Reality Check) to get to the bottom of where they are now; what they want and where they want to get to.

These are the most common issues:

There’s no sales process is in place. Or, if there is, it’s all in the boss’s head and the rest of the staff don’t know what it is. Or it changes so often, they can’t keep up. There’s nothing written down.

The database is out of date or is not targeting the kind of business they want. Plus, it’s not all in one place, there’s data everywhere and things get duplicated or missed.

The only person doing sales is the boss and when they’re not there no one follows up leads.

The sales person/team don’t have defined targets/goals and get distracted/lose motivation.

When a lead is followed up there’s either no material to send them or there’s too much.

There are more but these give an overview and enable my team and I (we call it Your Sales Partners) to work with our clients to deliver great telemarketing results.

We enable our clients to benefit from an ongoing, steady flow of sales which their team know how to manage and nurture.

We deliver;

An up to date, researched, checked and relevant database

A well targeted and researched telemarketing campaign

Bespoke workshops for their sales team

A defined, written sales process and put it in place for the business

All just by just asking that first question ‘why do you think your old telemarketers were rubbish?’